Why Kinh5 Foundation? See it in action...

Since Kinh5 Foundation was created, Kinh5 villagers from all over the world have reunited and reconnected to help those unfortunate who are still living in Kinh 5 Villlage back in Vietnam. They are making contributions for the needed, fundrasing activities have been actively reaching out to neighboring communities for a helping hand. Even the first projects were well organized and ran smoothly, due to careful planning and coordination between volunteers from over the world and the local Kinh 5 Villagers in Vietnam.

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Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will last a life time

Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge, that will last a life time... Education is one of Kinh5 Foundation's core values. During 2011, a “School Infrastructure” project rolled out nicely to rebuild Kinh5 School's fence, gate, and yard. And most importantly, a motivational momentum was created during the awards and scholarship event. We saw that students were listening carefully during the ceremony, taking on the advice of LM Mai Xuan Triet and Mr. Trong's presentation...

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