Where did we come from?

Many of our readers have been asking these questions, "Where is Kinh 5 located on the Vietnam map? Where did we come from?" Many of our readers have been asking these questions simply because they have never heard about our small little farming village named Kinh5. The formal name is Kinh5, while the informal name is Kênh5. Kinh means “River" or "Canal”, so Kinh 5 came from River #5. There are more than 20 rivers in the Kinh5, Kien Giang Province area, there names are in numerical order, from 0 to 10, and from the letters A through H.

Kinh5 is located in Southern Vietnam (see below).  Kinh5 is nearly 10 km long. In the smallest administrative units: Tan Dinh commune, Tan Hiep Hamlet, Tan Kien District, Kien Giang Province, and South Vietnam.

Kinh5's population is approximately 7,000 people in 2010. Most of Kinh5's population consists of farmers. Our houses are built along the river therefore, our main source of transportation are by boat, bike, mopeds, and motorcycle. The word “car” has never been used in our childhood memory.