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Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome and thank you for visiting our charity, Kinh5foundation.org website.  This is a service provided to everyone whose roots came from Kinh 5, a small village located near the end of Mekong River.  This is the place where a person has to use his sweat and tear in order to survive.

The fall of Saigon in 1975 had caused the living situation to worsen from what was already difficult to unbearable.  After the end of the Vietnam War, many surviving soldiers and their families migrated to this village to start a brand new life.  These families came from different parts of this country hoping to start over.

However, the inadequate plans from the government ranging from economics to politics caused many Vietnamese citizens to fight for their daily survival.  With the mentality of having nothing left to lose many people including those from this village decided to take one of the biggest risks in their lives and planned for escape from this country.  What resulted from those that made an effort to leave by sea were, some were caught and retained, some died while at sea due to the attack of Thai pirates, and some died at sea from torturous weather conditions.  The remaining ones were fortunate enough to dock in a foreign land instantly became refugees.

This newly sought freedom also brought together many that shared the same journey.  Some of these refugees, as previously mentioned, fortunately made it safely to shore in some foreign land, some were saved from deserted islands, some found at sea, etc.  These survivors are then sent to what are called refugee camps.  There they sit and wait for food, clothing, medicine, medical attention, shelter to be distributed.  Not only do they wait but they also learn and prepare for what’s next for them.  They await a future full of possibilities and that’s a place far away from their homeland.  Once they are permanently placed they are once again helped by the government and people from their new country for food, education, employment, and new life adaptation skills.

The deep feeling of gratitude from all refugees including those that came from Kinh 5 has been acknowledge to come from our God through the hands of all those that we consider to be our benefactors.  We are not just acknowledging those that helped us during the period of the escape but also for our journey for over the past 30 years to and in our new homeland.

This feeling of gratitude will never be forgotten.  It will always be a guiding light and a learning instrument that will guide us to remember the great blessing that God has bestowed upon us.  We want to help those that were less fortunate than we are. Being charitable is one way that a Kinh 5 citizen from different places of the world can help those that are poor, sick, and disabled.  We want to say a word of thanks to those that has helped us thus far and pray that God will help you in other ways.

Please lend a hand with us and contribute towards this charitable endeavor.  Please send your donations payable to “Kinh5Foundation” addressed and mail it to:

Kinh5 Foundation
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