Our Core Values

• Building schools is one of our core goals. We believe that education fosters personal growth and development and creates productive and responsible citizens that will in turn create a better and brighter tomorrow.

Healthcare Services
• Healthcare is a major concern for us, especially in this impoverished region. Building health centers and hospitals that provide medicine, vaccinations, and control diseases ensures the well being of our community.

Eliminating Hunger
• One of the most basic needs for survival, our foundation aims to fight hunger by providing food and proper nutrition to this extremely malnourished area.

Ending Poverty
• Many families, including many children, subsist in living conditions that are below standard. Providing housing and food is one of the ways we aim to solve the homelessness problem.

Curing and Aiding Physical Disabilities
• Poor living conditions, lack of proper healthcare, and wounded Vietnam War veterans left to care for themselves has produced an area wrought with physical disabilities. We aim to solve this problem by providing medicine and care to those in dire need who cannot help themselves.

Our partners
  • Hitech insuranc
  • 40hrs staffing
  • PHO 98th
  • AMLAND Corp
  • NanoFlex
  • HP Venture LLC
  • Ajobstaff
  • VinaSew
  • Kross-Pointe