Our Creation?

Why was the Kinh 5 Foundation created? After being spread throughout the world after the war, many Kinh 5 villagers were able to build new lives, full of prosperity and promise. They didn’t have to live in fear under a repressive form of government, but instead enjoyed the success their hard work and determination afforded them. But no matter how successful they became, they NEVER stopped thinking about the people that were left behind

Formally formed on February 25, 2011 (informally formed 15 years prior), the Kinh 5 Foundation was created to unite the Kinh 5 refugees with the villagers who still remained in the region. Bearing witness to extreme poverty, hunger, disease, and lack of education and healthcare, the Kinh 5 refugees recognize the importance of humanity. All together with one vision and one mission of “sharing and supporting each other,” they are determined to provide every Kinh 5 villager with the opportunity to live a healthy and successful life.

Our partners
  • Hitech insuranc
  • 40hrs staffing
  • PHO 98th
  • AMLAND Corp
  • NanoFlex
  • HP Venture LLC
  • Ajobstaff
  • VinaSew
  • Kross-Pointe