Kinh5's Team

Hien Phan    Chief Executive Officer/President

Mr. Phan was born and raised in Kinh5, KienGiang Province, Southern Vietnam. He left Vietnam in his teenage by boat along with 39 people to Thailand. He landed in DeMoise, Iowa in early 80. Graduated High School in IA, and moved to CA for his colleges.

Mr. Phan earned his (BSEE) Electronic Engineering at Fresno State University, and advancement with a Master Degree in Business Administrative (MBA) from National University. He is currently serves as a CEO/President of Ajob Staffing Inc. and Chief Executive Officer for Kinh 5 Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. Phan,  As the Foundation’s president, his duties and responsibilities include overall planning, implementation of rules and policies, delegation of tasks, evaluation of performance, setting of goals, creation of ideas and directions for the organization, and ensuring that officers and members are aware of and fulfill their governance responsibilities.

Tan Viet Nguyen    Executive Director/Secretary

Tan Nguyen was born in Southern Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon in 1975, he took the boat along with 48 people and left Saigon, Vietnam to Thailand. He spent his time in Refugee Camp from Songkhla Thailand to Bataan Philippine. Finally, in 1981, Mr. Nguyen came to Santa Ana, CA, United State. His journey contiues from here.

Mr. Nguyen was majoring in Public Relation, Literature. He also earned a license in Civil Engineering. He is a member of Kinh5 group to support the poor in Vietnam for many years, a member of Lavang Catholic Church in Santa Ana, CA. His writing skills and storyteller is image to everyone. His stories were so popular, impress, and famous to Vietnamese around the world and he become a writer for Viet Pen; VietBao Newspaper; and Kinh5 Group. Mr. Nguyen is currently holding a Engineer position for VNB Homes Corporation; He joined Tropitone Corp in Irvine, and Amland in San Jose, CA in his previous years.

As the Executive Director, Mr. Nguyen is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Foundation and implementing its policies as may be adopted by the Board of Directors. Duties include those concerning compliance, finances, publications, programs, communications, and overall development of the group. As the Foundation’s secretary, Tan Nguyen is responsible for maintaining records and correspondences of the entire organization, as well as addressing issues pertaining to communication and affairs.

Chi Huu Phan    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chi Huu Phan was born and raised in Kinh5, Southern, Vietnam. During 1981, after the fall of SaiGon in 1975, he took the boat along with 45 people and escaped out of Saigon, Vietnam to Thailand. He landed in San Jose, CA in 1981 and started his college the same year.

Chi Phan graduated from Fresno State University in 1990 with a major in Electronic Engineering (BSEE), and continue his education study in Accounting and Taxation. He is a member of Kinh5 group, member of Trinity Catholic Church in San Jose, CA. He currently holds an Engineer Support Position for Marvell Semiconductor. Prior to joining Kinh 5 Foundation Inc., he was an Electronic Design Engineer for Oak Technology for many years. While there, he designs, simulate, test, and layout critical paths circuitry and sensitive signal processing for Electronic consumer products. 

As a Chief Financial Officer for Kinh 5 Foundation Inc., he is responsible for all business transactions from Government grants, Company donation, personal Contribution, and fundraiser activities. That includes bank reconciliation, design and manages financial control processes, booking, distribution of fund, and any funding activities. He will be generating financial report, interactive with contributors and generate tax exemption form to contributors. He also has excellent computer skills, accounting software; understand accounting principle, and a good record of filing documentation to government agencies.His tasks is to handle the funds and safeguard the assets of the organization and assure their safety and prudent use.

Thu Nguyen    Arlington, Texas

Thu Nguyen is a successful business person in central Arlington, Texas. During 1990, she form a group call "Hội Ái Hữu - Cái Sắn" with the purpose of gathering those refugee whose root came from Kinh5 and Kien Giang province. It was about 10 person joined the group during 1990 and now at the last meeting calibration in Nov 2011 was more than 130 members. Thu continues to lead the group supporting local Churches and Communities in Arlington and nearly's region. She is Kinh5 Foundation's Regional Leader and therefore she is our main contact for local supporters. 

Last year at Luna New Year 2011, her group from TX along with Kinh5 Foundation's volunteers from Vietnam directly supporting more than 20 families with physical and mental challenges. These families are currently live in or near by Kinh5.   

Luong Hoang    Santa Ana, CA

Luong Hoang left Kinh5 Vietnam when he was about 14 years old; he currently lives in Fountain Valley California. During his child age, by himself, has surviving through refugee camps in Thailand and arrived United State with two totally empty handed. Through the hardship that he has been through, he recognized the important of humanity. Since then, Mr. Hoang always find ways to support those children facing hardship, poverty, and disability.

During 2010, Mr. Hoang was team up with Mân Côi seminary in SaiGon along with his sister, Soeur Minh Tâm, collecting more than 30 abuse children, homeless children, and those who eats on street, and sleeps in cemetery; those whose cover plastic bag as their roof, and those who eats the remain from garbage dump. They brough them home, gave them a roof to live in, and have been teaching them the basic readiness for school and work.  

Thanh Viet Dinh    Kinh5, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam

Thanh Viet Dinh - Kinh5 Regional Leader. He has been living all his life at Kinh5, Kien Giang, Vietnam. He is always tied up with community activities, helping out children and physical challenges. He has been working hand-by-hand with Government Officials and Kinh5 Community Leaders to define most critical helps that needed at Kinh5 and what plan for the future. He believes that Education fosters personal growth and development and creates productive and responsible citizens that in turn create a better and brighter tomorrow for many generation to come. Mr. Dinh has been working with our USA Team for many years and now known as Kinh5 Foundation.


Khanh Nguyen    Seattle, Washington.

Khanh Nguyen and his family of 5 are currently live in Seattle Washington. Khanh joined Boeing workforce for more than 10 years and left for his adventure business since then. He loves communities and its activities. This is the main motivation that Khanh was able to put together the Seattle's Kinh5 team during 2010. Right away summer of 2011 Kinh5 Seattle picnic was held on the park with more than 100 members supported; and then Luna New Year 2012 calibration was formally held at a Vietnamese Restaurant.

Creating activities for community to get involve is the vision that he believes the best way to United people of Kinh5 in Seattle. When we United, we will seeking contributions and help the people left behind in Kinh5, Vietnam. "Kinh5 is the place that I was born with tears, and left with deeply crying and tears" he said. He joined Kinh5 Foundation Leadership for the same purpose and interest.  


Doai Viet Do    Kinh5, Vietnam

Do Viet Doai lives in Thuc Hoa parish located about the middle of Kinh5 Village. He has never been missed any community’s activities in Kinh5. He has been helping Kinh5 Foundation in negotiating and contracting with venders for home building’s materials, rice, foods, and medication for project “Roof For The Poor #1, and #2). He wishes that someday, everyone in this village will have a roof to sleep; and children do not need to look for a spot to hide in the middle of the raining night. 

Truong Nguyen    Kinh5's Photographer

Truong Nguyen is living in Kinh5, Vietnam. He drives his bicycle 7km each way to Tan Hiep High School daily for school. Truong loves photography and supporting community. Most of the images that you see on our website especially those images from project "roof for the poor 1 and 2" came from his camera. Truong is trying his best to bring us the most critical monents of what is happening at Kinh5, KiengGiang Province, Vietnam. 

Lam Ngoc Phan    Kinh5, Vietnam

Lam Phan is currently living in Kinh5, Vietnam.  Lam has been filming and interviewing people to gather accurate information needed for most projects that Kinh5 Foundation has interested on.  He went from case-by-case, place-to-place for most updated data for our Team to make decision. Last year 2011, Lam was the one who provide visual ads through YouTube on project “Urgent Care Center”, and “Educational Infrastructure” project. Lam believes that healthcare for children and elderly is crucial to save life at Kinh5 right now.

Hoa Kim Nguyen    Kinh5, Vietnam

Nguyen Kim Hoa currently lives at Kinh5, Vietnam.  She has grown up in a family that always available for the underprivileged. Last year 2011, she led a team of Kinh5 Foundation’s volunteers and visited all the physical and mental challenges in Kinh5, and surrounding area. They gave rice, food, and other culture New Year celebration food so that the underprivileged has a moment of happiness in the New Year day. The culture of “Sharing and Supporting each other” has always express strongly at Kinh5 village. However, Hoa took bigger steps to share the spirit of Holidays to the underprivileged.  

Trong Duc Nguyen    Kinh5, Vietnam

Nguyen Duc Trong lives right at the beginning of 10km Kinh5’s River. Anyone coming in to Kinh5 village will passing by his place. He most interest into education for children, provide children with the most basic educational tool to prepare for future to come. He firmly express that education is a powerful tool in breaking the cycle of poverty. Trong organized the yearly student event around the Luna New Year, and every year.    

Van Thu Nguyen    Kinh5, Vietnam

Van Thu Nguyen has been playing a key roll in project “Roof For The Poor #2” in Kinh5, Vietnam. She focuses on physical and disability families within Kinh5, and surrounding area. Supporting medication, food, milk, the basic living needs to these families makes her happy. She express that “a smile from a disability person worth millions of words”. She puts her heart into her psychology treatment method to cure the sorrow of the disability. 

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