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Urgent Care Center

About the project:
Kinh5 Villagers are urging you to help, in any way possible, to rebuild this facility. The new facility will support and be able to provide proper care for the entire village and neighbor villagers at well. The design phase has been completed and approved. The drawings show front view, side view, top view, inside layout, and a complete built of material that needed for the building. The inside layout shows 7 rooms. Included are  in-patient rooms that handle 4 beds, a nursing room, a doctor room, baby born room, intensive care room, proper shower, and restroom. (See drawing on slideshow above.)

To make this dream come true for the Kinh5 villagers, we ask you help us by giving a hand to support and meet our goal of $50,000.00 dollars by December 30, 2012.  

Background and History:
Remote Urgent Care Center is a must have in Kinh5 village. At this time, any urgent incident occurred at this village, the villagers have to find a boat, if can find any around, run to the closest urgent care center located in Tan Hiep that is about 7km away, if more serious then to a closest Hospital, in Rach Gia city, is about 40-45 Km away. There is no car, no ambulance, no helicopter available that can access to this village. Keep in mind, Kinh5 is a canal “river”. Therefore, the main transportation at this village is by boat.

The existing facility was built around 1960; the layout is more as a house, not a care center for general public that we see today. Inside layout included one room, 1 bed, and no private doctor room. However, there were more than 3000 babies were born under this roof since it was built. People from near by villages also came here for the treatment that they need, or a baby must be delivery in an emergency situation. This is a live and dead moment that the Kinh5 villagers have been living with.

The Assessment Data
Please see video clips and images on slice show windows above for detail.

The Progress:
Mar 2011 Fesibility study
Jun 2011 Conceptial design 
Sept 2011 Detail design, review, board approved
Nov 2011 Permits approved VM
Nov 2011 Start Fundrasing event Arlington, TX
Dec 2011 Fundraising event Seatle WA, Santa Ana CA 
Jun 2012 Budget review 
Sept 2012 Phase-1 funded
Oct 2012 First brick was landed, start foundation building
Nov 2012 Phase-2 funded

Dec 2012 Wall and Roof get started




  • Project need: $50,000.00
  • Contribution: $12,500.00
  • Funded: $0.00

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