For Southern California residents like me, our morning routine consists of a daily trip to a local coffee shop like Starbucks Coffee or Lee Sandwhich. I usually don't think about the price because its inexpensive, but I can't imagine  a morning without my daily cup of coffee. 

One day, I was browsing the web and came across I was looking through the website and I can't even imagine how people in Vietnam survive through all the rain, mudslides, etc. The worst part is that when it rains, it usually rains for about 6 months straight. The water level becomes high and villages begin to get flood warnings.

I keep thinking about how fortunate I am to be living here in the United States, and about what I can do to help these unfortunate people from Kinh 5, KienGiang, Ca Mau, Vietnam, especially those farmers who are unable to hire workers due to floodings and out of season problems. Farmers in Vietnam make an average of $1/day. But, in a family of three, the $1 that was made at work would mainly be used to buy rice. Fish and vegetables were picked and brought from farms, ponds, and backyards. 

So, I decided to stop my morning routine of Starbucks Coffee, and I'm hoping you'll do the same too. The money that we would be using for coffee will now be contributed to a family in Vietnam


  • ijnpxb   (    |   2020-07-18 05:19:04

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  • Nt K5   (    |   2011-11-15 20:05:09

    At this time of year (Oct-Dec), water level are high especially this year, some houses flooded; others are surrounding with "mud" water, contamination may be an issue for these villagers. Food is their main concern but now there is another challenge they are facing. Hope they make it through the year.

  • Anny   (    |   2011-10-28 12:22:51

    I love what you do for these people. you never see thing like this on TV, The reality of live at this part of the world is just "unfortunate". I will do the same. Thank for pointing it out. I will passing my Bless to the Less.