(Top view, Urgent Care Center K5 Foundation)

QBI Kinh5 Foundation cordially invites you and guests to attend its 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner...

There are so much needs in Vietnam that our members are not able to contribute to cover projects that we wish to complete in 2012.-2013. Currently there are two projects that already finished the design phase, and has been starting the fundraising process. Those projects are:

1, Project: "Roof For The Poor II - Mái m Nghèo II" - This project will start in early 2012 for 25 more new houses, and repairs at least 30 more houses that needs roof, wall, and floor. We support community to re-built one-house-at-a-time for unfortunate family a place to sleep. ̣(see project listing for detail)

2, Project: "Urgent Care facility - Trạm Xá Kinh5 Foundation" located at K5A. This is the only Urgent Care Facility in the K5 village. The next closest Urgent Care facility in in Tan Hiep, that about 10-15km away, or Rach Gia is about 30-40km away. There were incidents occurred at K5, by the time the person get transportation by boat "no car available in K5" to Rach Gia, the person has passed away. We support community to save life. (see project listing for detail)

Program called: "Roof For the Poor #2 - Mái Ấm Nghèo #2"  
với chủ đề: "Đêm Nhạc Của Yêu Thương" ̣

Sunday, December 9th, 2012
4:00PM - 12:00PM

EMERALD BAY Seafood Restaurant
5012 W. Edinger Ave, Ste. V
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(Corner of Euclid and Edinger, next to Mom's Supermarket)

Special Guests:
Lm, Đương Phan - from San Jose, California.

Ca Sĩ: Mai Lệ Huyền
Ca Sĩ: Tuấn Châu
Ca Sĩ: Thảo Lee
Ca Sĩ: Cẩm Nhung
and many more Kinh5 talented Musician.

More Information, Contact Us:
For more information, call us at tel: (714) 723-1686.
or email us at: info@kinh5foundation.org