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A. Background: 
Upon the completion of building a new bridge that connects Tan CHu Parish Church with Kinh5A Middle School, the school's front fence and gate has been relocated about 6 meters inward to accommodate with the increased levels of pedestrian, motorcycle, and car traffic. 
B. Program:  
To help build a new school fence and gate, and to raise the school's ground level 8 inches higher, resources and fundings were provided to help accomplish our goal. Fundings were also used to acquire new notebook and textbook for more than 500 studnts. Motivational awards and scholarships, such as the Hoi Khuyen Hoc Awards and Scholarships, were also funded. 
C. Results: 
We are making a difference for the lives of students by providing them with more learning materials, a safer and cleaner enviornment, and an opportunity to excel and become successful leaders in the world. 

  • Project need: $9,000.00
  • Contribution: $5,160.00
  • Funded: $5,160.00

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