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A. Background: 

This cemetery is located in the middle of a flooded farm field. During water seasons, coffins that are buried in Hơp Châu’s cemetery are drowned with water and carried out to the rice field. This project has been delayed for many years because there has never been enough funds to start. 

B. Program:

Kinh5 villagers from all around the world came together and decided to build a Memorial Wall at Hợp Châu Cemetery. The Memorial Wall listed out the names of people who were lost in the ocean. A Retainer Wall was built around the cemetery to protect the friends and families of those who are rested in this cemetery.

C. Leaders 

This project was lead by Lisa Liễu Pham “San Diego” and with Tamy Vũ “SanJose”

D. Results: 

We made a difference to share and support communities and pay respect to families and friends who were lost in the ocean. 


  • Project need: $10,000.00
  • Contribution: $2,000.00
  • Funded: $2,000.00

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