How You Can Help!

How this is Accomplished and How You Can Help!

The Kinh 5 Foundation is not able to achieve its core goals through group fundraising, personal contributions alone. We need your help. Our members are dedicated to the cause and make contributions whenever they can, volunteer their time, and engage in outreach programs to help those most in need. Reaching out to other organizations is another way for us to spread awareness about our foundation and see how we can help each other in attaining our goals.

But we are not there yet! We are far from reaching our goal and need all the help we can get. For donations and volunteer opportunities, please visit our website at

Visit our main office at:

1901 E. Lambert Road, Suite 107
La Habra, CA 90631.
Tel: (714) 723-1686

Email us at:


Our partners
  • Hitech insuranc
  • 40hrs staffing
  • PHO 98th
  • AMLAND Corp
  • NanoFlex
  • HP Venture LLC
  • Ajobstaff
  • VinaSew
  • Kross-Pointe